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Outdoor Webcams

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Outdoor Webcam Webring

The Ring links outdoor webcams together by mean of the ring banner,  so that they can increase site traffic by passing visitors between each site.

Ring Membership Guidelines

  • Sites must have an outside view.
  • The webcam image must be either live or updated regularly.
  • Cams must have a wide appeal - For example back garden cams are unlikely to be accepted unless your garden is particularly spectacular.
  • Any site considered to be of an "adult" nature will not be accepted.
  • Each member site must display the Webring banner (or agreed variant) on their webcam page.  The banner may be placed on or their webcam site home page where this is linked to and from the webcam page.

Joining Instructions

  1. Click on the Join link and fill in you site details.
  2. This will put you in the ring "queue"
  3. You will receive and email containing the HTML to add to your site
  4. Add the HTML to your site.
  5. The HTML is also available here.
  6. The ringmaster will review your site and if it is approved you will be added to the ring.

Try It First!

If you are not familiar with webrings, then try the system first by clicking on the "next" link on the banner shown below.

More details about webrings and how they work can be found at http://www.webring.org/

Join the outdoor webcam ring.
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